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We are offering you the most excellent form of personnel recruitment. Our platform will ensure you find the number one candidate for your working. enviroment online! Therefore, you will have a tremendous number of candidates to choose from, as soon. as you create your company profile!
Certainly, our website is offering you numerous advantages:

Create a personalized organisation profile
Put your own organisation in the center of attention and to leave a long-lasting impression! Our service staff will provide you with any needed help and assist you to build your profile. Get creative, using texts, pictures, and even videos. By creating a virtual representation of your company, you can be found by any potential employee!
Create vacancies
Give free rein to your wishes and ideas. Describe your ideal employee as precisely as possible. The more precise you illustrate the working conditions and the standards you want your employee to meet, the better we can present you with optimized results for your interests! As soon as any candidate meets over 60 percent of your expectations, you will instantly be informed. Anyone below 60 percent accordance will not bother you.
Get ideal suggestions
To help you with finding your perfect match, the website categorizes candidates into three groups according to your company’s needs. Work seekers are therefore divided into “Golden Standard”, meaning 90 percent or more accordance to your proposal, “Silber Standard”, meaning 70 to 80 percent accordance, and “Bronze Standard”, meaning 60 percent or more accordance. After choosing a candidate that might fit into the open workspace, you will get directed to their profile, where you can find further information. Should the candidate arouse interest in you, you can choose a date proposal to get to know him/her in a virtual job interview. The candidates will get notified and as soon as they accept your proposal, you will receive an appointment confirmation as well as a link to the virtual interview.
Virtual job interview
To get to know your potential future employee, you can start a virtual meeting. Please remember to stick to our guidelines, which strictly prohibit trading any contact information, otherwise, further steps could be taken. The job interview is intended to give you a brief impression of your counterpart, not to find out their address, number, or any other contact details. As long as you are still getting to know the candidate, every contact will be held exclusively on this website, to ensure both employers’ and employees’ safety and data protection.
Conclusion of contract
Once both of you agree to work together and a contract is the next logical step to set up the employment relationship, you will receive all the contact data to make an employment contract possible. After receiving all the information, it is on you to upload the contract and other necessary corresponding documents to Carebolero.

After this, you have successfully expanded your team by acquiring a new member to it! Now you can calmy lean back and wait for your new employee to start working in your organisation!

For Applicants

Your steps towards a better future. Here you will find your dream job or your calling. Step-by-step instructions for your personal freedom.

Create a profile
Fill in all the required information into the form and illustrate your knowledge as well as your abilities and special skills. After giving all the information, please upload a picture of yourself, as well as attested/certified attests and testimonies. It is also possible to use E-Apostille on our website!
Organize your nostrification/validation
You will receive detailed instruction on organizing a nostrification in your mother tongue in your goal destination. Please follow the instruction carefully and fulfill official requirements as conscientiously as possible, which will include handing in certificates, contact data, and other requirements to the competent authority. As soon as this is done, you will receive your validation/nostrification notice. If you are obligated to complete further education or training, we will assist you and take care of the organization to enable any necessary apprenticeship.
Expected/Prospective Residence Permit
After fulfilling these requirements, you will receive a link, which will tell you if you receive a residence permit due to your employment as a key worker in an understaffed profession.
Suggestion to companies in your goal destination
As soon as you finished organizing your nostrification and received a prospective residence permit, your profile will be sent to a tremendous number of companies located in your goal destination. Your potential new employer will book an appointment for a virtual job interview with you which you can use to convince your counterpart of your skills and knowledge.
Contacting your potential new employer
Please prepare well for your interview and think of questions you might want to ask the employer about your work situation or your goal destination. We would like to inform you, that our guidelines strictly prohibit any trade of contact information until both parties agree to set up an employment contract, to ensure both employers’ and employees’ safety and data protection. Please stick to our guidelines, otherwise further steps could be taken. As soon as you accept a job offer, your employer will receive all your information and set up an employment contract. Please sign the contract and upload it back to our website to send it to your new employer.

After finishing this, you can start into your new dream job!

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Anna Maria Schlager

The Woman behind CareBolero®

Anna Maria Schlager

Whether it comes to nursing, educating children, caring for elderlies, or checking the finances, Anna Maria Schlager, the woman behind Carebolero is the expert. Her earlier work life started in the financial sector, occupying high positions in companies, collecting not only experience but also knowledge about finances, and about saving money in the right places. After giving birth to three children, who not only taught her patience but also some interpersonal lessons, Anna was confronted with two cases of illness in her own family, resulting in the need of long-time care.
The experiences she had to face made her wonder if there could be an easier solution to this. Any form of change, that would bring relief to the nursing relatives in desperate need of help. Therefore, Mrs. Schlager decided to reorient herself workwise and started nurse training.


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